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With a stay at Hotel Don César in Porto Vecchio, all the most prestigious destinations in Southern Corsica are within reach.  A highly sought-after destination for holiday-makers, Porto Vecchio and the surrounding region are home to magnificent landscapes between the sea and the mountains, the forests and natural reserves, the sheltered coves and heavenly beaches.


Southern Corsica is full of natural treasures, prehistoric sites and a rich architectural heritage that you must visit if you want to properly get to know the island. During your stay with us, make sure you take a trip to admire the Aiguilles de Bavella red granite rocks, also known as the Cornes d’Asinao, an hour’s drive from the hotel. Bavella is one of the most stunning Corsican mountain landscapes. It is both a massif, a pass and a forest - a majestic site which seems to bring together all the idiosyncrasies of Corsican landscapes, with its extravagant, brightly coloured rocky formations that go from the lightest of reds to the darkest of greys, and its vast laricio pine forest. The Bavella mountain chain is a big draw for amateurs of trekking (with the famous GR20 path at the foot of the massif), climbing and canyoning. It peaks at an altitude of almost 1,900 m, linking the west of the island to the east.


To the south of Porto Vecchio, 30 minutes’ drive from the Don César, you will find a little gem at the far south of Corsica: Bonifacio. Surrounded by an emerald sea, Bonifacio, the southern-most commune in France, is full of precious treasures. Protected by its high cliffs, the Citadel, built on a stunning limestone headland, proudly dominates the sea, where the Strait of Bonifacio separates Corsica from Sardinia. With its rich history which can be traced back to Neolithic times, Bonifacio has been the site of events which have left their mark on the town with its places of worship, medieval architecture, military installations and port. Not to be missed !

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